Whether you want to simplify parts of your everyday life or for that WOW-factor we can help you get a smarter home to simplify your life!

Home Automation means all the routine thinking is done for you. Grouping everyday tasks so that at a touch of a button you can simultaneously adjust the settings on heating, lighting, security systems, audio visual….you name it! Basically, if it has power to it, it can be automated.


Imagine coming home from work, as you pull into your driveway you press a button on your smart-phone, your gate starts opening, your pathway, front porch and hallway lights come on.  Your air-conditioning has already heated or cooled your living areas and your favourite music starts playing throughout your house.


Our designs strive to combine our clients needs with invisible design.  The systems that we install are complex in the background but deliver simplicity to its user. We are committed to creating a well-planned, well thought out system that will provide you maximum reliability and maximum value.


You'll get the best possible results for the electrical wiring and installation in your property by involving us as early as possible to take full advantage of our knowledge and experience

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